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Bringing Innovative Solutions to Transportation

Precision Systems, Inc. is a 24-year old transportation engineering consulting firm that specializes in transportation planning, highway infrastructure design, traffic control systems, and computer applications. Our team of professional engineers, planners, architects, and data scientists use state-of-the-art technology to solve day-to-day operational and design problems in transportation. We have a working relationship with the District Department of Transportation (DDOT), the Maryland State Highway Administration (MD-SHA), the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), and private partnerships -- we are experts of regional and local transportation issues and concerns.

Our Services

Direct and On-Site Consulting

Environmental Impact Study

Site Impact Study and Traffic Operation Report

Development Scneario and Alternative Plan

Design and Planning

Control Devices and Regulation

Traffic Operation Safety Analysis

Comprehensive Plan and Master Plan


ADA Compliance

Advance GIS Asset Management Applications

Fiber Optic Communication Systems

Latest Projects


Citywide Alley Inventory and Assessment System

PSI acted as a Prime Consultant to support DC's effort to reconstruct 128 alleys in Washington, DC every year...


Embassy Row Reconstruction

PSI is the Prime Consultant selected to revitalize and improve Massachusetts Avenue, N.W. from Dupont Circle...


14th Street, N.W. Corridor Improvement

PSI acted as the Prime Consultant in providing Design Engineering Services for the 14th Street, N.W..


Citywide ADA Inventory & Priority System

PSI acted as Prime Consultant for the citywide ADA Inventory Project -- the latest in DDOT's...


Traffic Signal & Streetlight Design for Walter E. Convention Center

Precision Systems, Inc. was sub-consultant to Parsons Transportations Group (PTG) for the design of traffic signal...


TARAS2 Crash Reporting and Analysis Platform

PSI's TARAS2 is a SAAS software program that imports and refines crash data from MPD for engineering use...


Buzzard Point Soccer Stadium

PSI served as sub-consultant to McKissack & McKissack, Inc. designing and implementing street lighting design plans.


Kennedy Street, N.W. Improvement

PSI was the Prime Consultant for this project which included traffic improvement, sidewalk reconstruction...


Columbus Circle/Union Station

PSI served as sub-consultant to redesign the entire streetlight and traffic signal system for Columbus Plaza...

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